Animal Success Stories
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URGENT Spotsylvania # 13-550 Solomon

Solomon came out of the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter and found his forever home in February of 2012. His mom says he is a giant ham and is a great addition to the family; it's like he has always been there!!!


Remember Meatball from the Stafford co shelter? He is now completely heartworm free and the biggest baby in the family. We love him so much, Valentino is the greatest pup we have ever owned. Thank you!


Today, September 17th, is my birthday. It is also the day that, one year ago, I was blessed enough to finalize my adoption of this amazing, handsome, funny, and overall incredible dog :-) He is the BEST little man. He makes me laugh every single day and makes me feel like the luckiest, most loved girl in the world! Even my boyfriend has explained to friends of ours that he is aware of the fact that he comes second to Bubba but he's okay with it (for the most part)! We both love this dog so stinkin' much and can't imagine our life without him! I'm so thankful to Bully Paws for making it possible for us to have him in our life. Thank goodness for Bully Paws! And thank goodness for Bubba!!!!

URGENT Shenandoah Logan (puppy)

Hello, This is long overdue. Please add Logan to your successful adoptions link. I adopted him at the end of August 2011, and he came from the Shenandoah Co. shelter. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and is loved by all! Best, Joan


Dear Bully Paws, Jake has turned out to be a perfect gentleman and an excellent example of how loving and great Pit Bull Terriers can really be. With the way society generally views this breed, they have become stereotyped into something that most are truly not, especially in Jake’s case. Even our families and friends were hesitant when we told them we were bringing him into our lives, simply because of his breed. Thanks to Jake, he has changed the minds of dozens of people! When we first brought Jake into our house and into our lives he was scared of just about everything indoors. The dishwasher made funny noises, the oven was way too reflective, the TV often has dogs and animals on it, it was apparent this was a different world for him. Our Chocolate Lab, Zoey, tried her best to make friends but was not willing to share ANYTHING, or even let Jake explore on his own! After about a week of getting used to the new surroundings and of Zoey warming up to her new pal, Jake began to really show his personality. What a personality it is too! He has turned out to be a fun loving, very affectionate, and very friendly dog that loves nothing more than snuggling with his people and his blanket. Occasionally he delights in chewing on a bone or running frantically and aimlessly around the yard with a rope dangling from his mouth. Best of all Zoey and Jake are now the best of friends and delight in laying, playing, and lounging together. We could have not asked for a better fit into our family and we are so delighted to be Jake’s Forever Home! To say it simply, our family is perfect and inseparable!

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