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Ziggy 3

Ziggy is the total package -- he's both a gentleman and a scholar! In his classic black-and-white tuxedo, he really looks the part, too!

Ziggy's foster mom reports that he's very smart and incredibly sweet. He is a cuddle bug and just eats up attention from his favorite people!

Ziggy also gets along with other dogs. He currently lives with a canine foster sister who he enjoys playing with and snuggling.

Since Ziggy is a young pup, he has quite a bit of energy and would love to be adopted by a family who can provide him with lots of daily exercise and mental stimulation, and also continue his obedience training. Ziggy is already housebroken, and he does well being crated.

If Ziggy sounds like the right match for your family, plan to attend an adoption event to meet him or submit an application to adopt him

Ziggy has been cat tested and and did well with the cat he was tested with. Cats like kids all have their own personalities. If you have a cat and are considering Ziggy he will have to be tested with your kitty(s).


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