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One of the first things you notice about Titan when you look at his photos is that his coat coloring creates a heart shape on his face. There’s a reason he was made this way: Titan is so full of love! He simply craves attention and affection from all humans!

Titan loves to give kisses, and he’s an adamant snuggler. When he sees his humans on the couch, he feels it is his duty to join them and cuddle with them properly! Titan also loves sitting on the lap of whoever is on the couch, and he insists on having a paw on anyone else sitting on the couch at all times.

Titan is very cooperative with his paws and ears being touched, which makes ear cleaning and nail trimming easier. As long as he is being petted and getting attention, he doesn’t mind!

Titan’s favorite hobby (after snuggling, of course) is playing with squeaky toys. He also loves a good game of tug-o-war or fetch!

While snuggling and getting attention are Titan’s favorite things, he has a lot of energy to play. He's learned to communicate with his humans when he wants to play by picking up shoes and running away with them. Titan's foster mom is helping him to learn other ways to get her attention and that shoes are not toys.

Not only is Titan sweet, he’s also smart! He is very eager to please his foster mom during training sessions, and she reports that he picks up tricks very quickly. Titan is currently working on becoming the ultimate gentleman with general obedience and leash manners, and his foster mom says it’s going well.

Titan hopes to be adopted by a family with a nice fenced-in yard to run around in so he can get his energy out after recharging his batteries from a good snuggle session.

While Titan loves children, we recommend that he be placed in a home with older children only, because he can be very exuberant and excited around people and may unintentionally knock over a small child in his eagerness to meet them. Titan would also do best in a cat-free home because he’s a little too fascinated with kitties.

If Titan sounds like the right dog for your family, take the first step towards giving him a forever home by submitting an adoption application, and then plan on meeting him at an adoption event. Arrive ready to pet him!


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