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Benny 2

Benny did not have an easy start to his life. He was barely cared for in a backyard with his littermates, and his socialization with humans during those first most crucial weeks of his development was very limited. This has made him shy, and he is learning that people can be trusted and are fun to hang out with. If you would love a dog who needs some extra TLC and polishing to blossom, Benny would be an excellent fit for you!

Benny is a very sweet puppy who is a curious adventurer at heart. He wants to explore but is cautious when encountering new situations. He will shy away from something new and scary at first, but within moments his curiosity takes over, and he is happy to explore (with a trusted human nearby, of course!).

This little guy also loves other dogs! He currently lives with three other canines and plays nicely with all of them. Benny is still learning that people can be fun, too, including children! (He's done very well with the kids that he's met.)

Benny’s foster family reports that he blooms a little more every day, and with the right family, he will continue to flourish and learn that the world is full of fun things to experience! If Benny sounds like the right addition to your pack, please fill out an application to adopt him today!

Benny does have some additional adoption requirements. Please contact Greer Nelson, Adoption Coordinator, at to obtain a copy of the requirements.

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